Posted in January 2014

Corporate Wellness with Benefits

I am excited to announce that I am expanding my company, Wellness Rains, into corporate wellness! Before making the leap into a career as a Certified Health Coach and yoga instructor, I was a stressed out financial sales professional.  While I have always been in generally good health, I found myself eating out of stress … Continue reading

Red Velvet Smoothie

Yep, it’s another recipe involving chocolate. I don’t know whether I should be apologizing or you should be thanking me! Since I have smoothies almost everyday, I am always brainstorming the next best thing.  If I blogged about every smoothie recipe I’ve ever made, you would all have a case of smoothie overload.  But, I … Continue reading

Almond Joy Oatmeal

Disclaimer: today’s post is coming from my iPhone!  Please excuse any and all grammatical or formatting errors 🙂 Some days all I want for breakfast is oatmeal.  Especially when it’s snowy and cold outside; it’s my breakfast equivalent of soup! Oatmeal itself is like a canvas, and I love how creative I can get with … Continue reading