Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!  Burrito Brownies?  Let’s just say that when I went to the store to pick up the ingredients for these, I felt like I might as well be making breakfast burritos.  Intrigued yet?

Black Bean Avocado Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownies

(check out the original recipe from Ambitious Kitchen)

My little sister came for a visit, and I figured it would be the perfect time to give these a try.  I did enjoy my chickpea cookies, so had to give black bean brownies a go.  I had most of the ingredients already, so we just had to grab some avocado and eggs and got down to business.

My tweaks:

  • I used coconut oil (vs olive or canola)
  • Instead of using sugar, I opted for Splenda’s sugar blend – if you do this, make sure that you refer to the chart on the package since it isn’t an equal substitute
all that burrito brownie goodness ready to blend!

all that burrito brownie goodness ready to blend!

After the ingredients were blended and poured into the pan…

oven ready

oven ready

…we tried the batter and were in shock.  Plus, once they were baking they smelled AMAZING.  We were baffled and I don’t even think we let them cool for more than a minute before we dug in!

my little sister enjoying her burrito brownie

my little sister enjoying her burrito brownie

You want to see one of these bad boys up close and personal?

(insert own comment/thought here)

(insert own comment/thought here)

My (& Maggie’s) take:  Not too shabby!  I can’t say that I’ll never buy boxed brownie mix again, but these will be a nice alternative going forward for sure.  Next time I’ll probably add more chocolate-chipage though, and mix some into the batter instead of only sprinkling on top.  Oh, and I could taste the avocado, but I love Mexican food so it’s not like that bothered me much…  Give these a try and you won’t regret it.  We brought the few remaining brownies back with us for the holidays and made everyone try at least a bite – we didn’t have any unhappy testers!


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  I know I did.  Not to mention, I received the greatest Christmas present of all time:

best christmas gift ever!!!

best christmas gift ever!!!

Can’t wait to start using this, like, everyday.

What was your favorite gift this year?


12 thoughts on “Burrito…Brownies?!

  1. I am wondering why I didn’t get to try a morsel, sample or taste of these bad boys! I might make these at my party!!!!!!

  2. Ugh… I can’t make my brain accept the idea of having avocado and black beans in a brownie!! I’m glad you guys enjoyed them though (and they do look lovely and chocolatey). I’m also envious of the Vitamix… my old blender is still chugging along, but it definitely struggles when I put too many solids in at once. Sigh… why is kitchen equipment so expensive??

    • Haha, the whole black bean & avocado in brownies concept still baffles me and I made them!!! …and the key to kitchen equipment is finding sales or asking for it as a gift… Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

  3. great yoga class tonight!
    this recipe looks fun, i’ll have to try! and i hope you post some vitamix recipes! I have one too, and it’s the best!

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