November – Karma Wednesdays, Week Two

Yes, it’s that time of week again – Karma Wednesday!

Because Thanksgiving is next week (I know, I can’t believe it either), I thought I’d base this week’s Karma Wednesday around being thankful.  I could do it next Wednesday and all, but there’s nothing wrong with getting in the Thanksgiving spirit early.

Easy Ways to Show Thankfulness

  • Do a kind deed – go out of your way to hold the door for someone, give up your seat to the elderly on public transportation, offer directions to someone who looks lost, volunteer at a local shelter, etc
  • Give a thoughtful gift – it can be as simple as buying some flowers or baking [healthy] cookies for a friend
  • Smile – happiness is contagious
  • Let someone know how much they mean to you – don’t be shy, let family & friends know!
  • Love social media?  Feel free to take to Facebook and/or Twitter and let all your friends and/or followers know what you’re thankful for

It doesn’t take much, and it goes a long way…

What are you thankful for & how do you show it?


One thought on “November – Karma Wednesdays, Week Two

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