Posted in October 2012

Cuckoo for Coconut Oil!

Happy Friday!  In a mere 24 hours, I will be en route to Mexico with the boyfriend (wicked excited)!!!  Sun, sand, relaxation…  I guess I’m feeling a little summery/tropical as a result; I couldn’t help but concoct a post on my favorite oil, coconut!  I’m been meaning to throw something together on this for a … Continue reading

Meatless Monday: Ratatouille Lasagna

Happy Tuesday! I hope all of you have taken the Meatless Monday pledge by now (if not, click here).  You can read a little more about it in one of my prior posts, My Meatless Monday Pledge & Italian Stir Fry, if you feel so inclined. There are so many great meat-free recipes out there, that … Continue reading