If You’re Looking for Some Inspiration, Look No Further

This little video is too inspiring not to share with you all.  But, before I do, please note that you may get the chills and tear up a bit; watch at your own risk:

Never, Ever Give Up – click here to watch!

I watched this video Friday night at yoga teacher training.

My Thoughts

This is the first time in three years that I haven’t trained for a fall marathon.

I’ve never really blogged about my knees and how much I struggle with not being able to run more than three miles at a time (and that’s if I’m lucky).  And no, I won’t be touching upon that today either, other than to tell you that this video reminded me of all the touching stories I used to read in Runner’s World.  During training, whenever I felt like I couldn’t run anymore or simply just didn’t want to, I would think of all the inspirational stories I had read – from the blind runner to the guy who was hit by a 20-ton bus and was lucky to be alive.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker for all things inspirational even now, without the running.

It’s true, I have a pretty bad case of runner’s knee and feel sorry for myself, but stories and videos like this one really put everything back into perspective.  I might not be running a marathon this year, but that doesn’t mean I never will again.  In the meantime, I’m loving yoga.

Thank you Arthur for reminding me how lucky I am, and that nothing is impossible.

because this post needed a picture – ski trip / switzerland 2009

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