Biscuits, Baked Oatmeal & Soup (more pumpkin)

So, last night I went a little hog-wild in the kitchen.  And by the way, in case you missed the brief mention in my last post, I moved recently.  The good news:  the kitchen is a drastic improvement over what I had to work with before and I’m kind of psyched about it.

Anyway, I’m still in pumpkin mode; I can’t help it.

I’ll also admit that I’ve been craving sweets lately.

Let’s get to it folks:

Recipe #1:  Healthy Biscuits

Despite craving sweets, I am trying (my best) not to give into temptation.  That’s why I didn’t make anything I knew I would  eat all by myself in one sitting.  Before I say anything more about these biscuits I decided on, I will let you in on a little secret – these were a fail (of sorts).  If you want to check out the recipe, click here; mine didn’t come out nearly as pretty.

I didn’t tweak much, but made some adjustments:

  • I substituted coconut oil for the butter/veggie oil
  • I put in 1/4 c raisins and 1/4 c dried cranberries
  • I used 1 tsp of cinnamon vs. the allspice
  • I added 1 tbsp of pumpkin seeds and 1 tbsp of sunflower seeds (I had way too many left over after the homemade granola I whipped up last week – you definitely need make some of your own)
  • 4 tbsp almond milk (“dough” was still way too dry after 4, let alone 3)

some looked more “biscuity” than others…

didn’t throw them away, yet

The result:  Well, now that I put these photos up, they actually don’t look half bad.  They were a little bland, but that was to be expected given the ingredients – the raisins and cranberries sweetened them well.  Pretty awesome there’s no actual sugar or anything artificial in these, huh?  Main issue was that they really didn’t stay together when picked up.  I’m thinking a little more almond milk may have helped.  Maybe?

Moving on…

Recipe #2:  Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

While the biscuits were in the oven, I got back to work and made myself some baked pumpkin oatmeal.  I doubled the recipe and made two so I’d have two pre-made breakfasts for this week!  Where did I find the recipe?  On Chocolate-Covered Katie, a healthy dessert blog.  You should totally check out this recipe and the blog itself – lots of great ideas on there.

My tweaks:

  • As I mentioned, I doubled the recipe (yes, these can be made ahead of time and frozen)
  • I added two packets of truvia, my artificial sweetener of choice – I know, I know – I dislike anything artificial, but everything in moderation people
  • I used almond milk
  • I added 1 tbsp raisins, 1 tbsp dried cranberries and 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds


post-bake, take one

post-bake, take two

I enjoyed mine this morning with a little more almond milk.  My only complaint was that it was a tad dry, but yummy otherwise!

Last, but not least…

Recipe #3:  Pumpkin Soup

I found this recipe on WebMD while perusing the internet for more pumpkin ideas.  It kind of reminded me of the carrot soup I made a couple of months ago, which you can read all about it in:  Adventure with Carrot Soup & Condiments.  Aside from the added step of using the blender, this soup was easy.


whilst blending

post-blender, simmering

My tweaks:

  • I used Earth Balance (a non-dairy butter replacer)
  • I added a red pepper, which I sautéed with the onion – vitamin C anyone?
  • I went with whole wheat flour
  • A little extra garlic (duh!)
  • Low-sodium veggie broth instead of chicken
  • I subbed almond milk for the low-fat milk
  • No lime juice (I forgot to pick up a lime at the store)
  • I added a few dashes of cinnamon

Takeaways:  Despite the curry power, cumin, nutmeg (& cinnamon), the soup was kind of bland.  If you make this, definitely adjust to taste.  I just went nuts with the condiments:

with a dollop of 0% greek and some pumpkin seeds

pepper & sriracha – now it’s ready to eat!

Any ideas what I should make next?  Feel free to give me some ideas in the comments below.  And no, they don’t have to involve pumpkin (unless you want them to).

5 thoughts on “Biscuits, Baked Oatmeal & Soup (more pumpkin)

  1. So sorry my recipe didn’t work for you! I did forget to mention that the dough must be rolled out very thinly to achieve that crispy effect. And you have handle them very carefully until they’ve cooled and dried otherwise they certainly do crumble easily. Also, my use of the word biscuit may have been misleading: I meant ‘biscuit’ in the British sense of the word, as in digestive biscuit – a thin, barely sweetened biscuit, not the leavened, Southern-style biscuits.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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