Pumpkin Cravings – Is It Fall Yet?

Um, can you believe that I haven’t blogged in two whole weeks?  Neither can I!  I’ve been having serious withdrawal.  And there is no excuse other than being super busy with work, my sister’s wedding, moving, some weekend travel…  But let’s get back to the blogging since that’s why we’re all here.

I LOVE fall.  There’s something about foliage, crisp fall air, shopping for new clothes/busting out my tights and boots that really makes me happy.  Not to downplay how awesome summer is, but since it’s almost over and there’s nothing I can do about it, I’m choosing to embrace fall a few weeks early.  Oh, and let’s not neglect to mention my love of all things apple and pumpkin.

Today I’m going to focus on pumpkin because, let’s face it, pumpkin and fall go hand in hand.  I might be getting a bit ahead of myself here (sorry fall haters), but I’ve been waiting to incorporate some pumpkin recipes into the mix!


Pumpkins are packed with vitamin A and fiber.  And are low in calories and fat – what’s not to like?!  And, per Wikipedia, pumpkin is a superfood.

I’ve been trying to find recipes containing pumpkin over the past couple of days.  In this quest, I came across lots and lots of delicious pumpkin breads and desserts, but didn’t want to end up eating the whole recipe myself (because let’s face it, when it comes to pumpkin and dessert, I have zero self-control).  After some intense searching and deep thought, I went with a dinner option:  Vegan Pumpkin Mac ‘n Cheeze (from Oh She Glows).

it’s vegan, it’s pumpkin – it’s mac & cheeze!

This was my first time making vegan “cheese”.  I used whole wheat flour in mine, and added about 1 tsp of cinnamon at the end.  Whole wheat penne was my pasta of choice and broccoli my veggie, as you might have noticed above.

My take:  this was a very unique recipe, at least for me since I’m not vegan, that was yummy and easy!  Oh, and because it contained pumpkin I was obviously a fan.  Guess what I brought for lunch today?

And because I was really craving something “dessert” in nature after all my recipe searching, I finally made something I’ve been meaning to make for a while now.  Any guesses as to what it might be?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Homemade Granola for the First Time Ever

I made homemade vegan granola – another recipe from Oh She Glows…!

granola post bake, pre add-ins

granola post add-ins – too good, way too good

My tweaks:

  • 1.5 c of raw almonds (roughly chopped) and no walnuts since I don’t like them
  • No coconut – I just figured it would be fine without it, which it totally was
  • Went with 4 tbsp brown rice syrup, and it did make it nice and clumpy
  • Substituted almond butter for the peanut butter (in case you haven’t read my previous posts, I vehemently dislike peanut butter)

Side note:  I had no idea pepita seeds were the same as pumpkin seeds?!  No joke when I tell you I was looking for them everywhere at Whole Foods.  It wasn’t until I was checking out that I noticed my bag of pumpkin seeds also had “pepita seeds” written on it.  Oops.

While I was breaking up the granola/mixing in the add-ins, I snacked on this stuff profusely.  I seriously cannot wait to eat some today with my Greek yogurt; maybe with a little almond milk tonight for dinner if I get lazy?  Who am I even kidding? – I’d probably eat this granola with anything, at anytime.  Yes, it’s that good (not to rub it in or anything).

Thanks for welcoming me back to my blog with open arms – I promise not to go this long without posting again!


21 thoughts on “Pumpkin Cravings – Is It Fall Yet?

  1. I totally had no idea what pepita seeds were either! I love ohsheglows recipes, I have ingredients to make her squash Mac n cheese which I’m guessing is close to the pumpkin one so I’m glad you liked it!

  2. I think that this is my most fav blog yet…great info! One question: can you PLEASE make me some of that yummy granola?:)

    • I’m actually not sure how honey would work given you have to cook everything on the stove (honey is a tad thicker and not sure how it would hold up) – as far as syrups go though, brown rice syrup is a healthy alternative to corn syrup… Hope that helps!

  3. Hello! I love Fall with my whole heart, so it’s good to see other bloggers already feelin’ the pumpkin cravings! I’m loving your blog 🙂 And thanks sooo much for sharing the vegan man n’ cheese recipe! I’ll definitely have to give that one a try.

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  5. I enjoy fall more than summer. Not to say that summer is bad, it’s just that I really love the changing colors, the coziness, long walks, and a cup of my all time favorite, Pumpkin Spice Latte 🙂

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  7. This granola sounds really good I will definitely make this for my yogurt topping. I like that it doesn’t call for oil??? I dont know why you would add oil but thats what recipes I’ve seen. Im hungry for granola 🙂

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