Catching Fruit & Mocking Juice (aka juice cleanse: day two & three)

What’s with the title?  A bad attempt at keeping The Hunger Games theme, that’s what.  How’d I do?

Are you ready to hear about day two and three?!

Day Two

I woke up feeling awesome.  Mood was fantastic!  I was prepped everything the night before, even dinner since I had plans after work:

juice, day two

I was able to use my vapur bottles!

  • Breakfast, Purple Power Juice:  this was amazing (probably because there were zero veggies in it)
  • Mid morning, Green Lemonade:  this gets the amazing stamp as well…

Please note that post mid morning juice, I was debating doing this longer than my initial three-day plan

  • Lunch, V28:  this tasted like beets and radishes, and though I enjoy both of these veggies normally, this juice almost tasted like dirt (and yes, I washed everything throughly thankyouverymuch)

Crankiness starts to kick in, especially when I start checking out some food blogs, etc (who does that?!)

  • Mid afternoon, Spinach-Fennel-Cucumber:  probably the grossest juice I made.  What did I learn?  Fennel tastes kind of like black licorice, which I vehemently dislike.

After work I went to my boyfriend’s softball game in Central Park (they won by the way).  Let’s just say that social situations make this juice diet/cleanse thing a little tough – I had to get water with lemon at the bar, I had a headache, I was getting tired…  Why was I doing this again?

  • Dinner, Bountiful Brassica Juice:  I enjoyed this while my boyfriend indulged in Shake Shack.  Who wouldn’t want to drink juice over having a (veggie) burger and fries?  Not me!  But this juice was definitely better than the previous two (thank goodness!!!)

Once we got back to my apartment I basically made juice for day three and passed out.

Day Three

I woke up feeling MUCH better than the night before.  I was ready for the juice day three had to offer:

juice, day three

  • Breakfast, Purple Power Juice:  yes, I made this one AGAIN…I couldn’t risk starting the day off on a bad note (did I mention this one is amazing?!)
  • Mid morning, Great Greens Juice:  not too shabby, definitely drinkable; this one had basil which added an interesting flair

Insert Pilates class here – although I didn’t push as hard as usual, I was surprised by how good I felt overall

  • Lunch, Tabbouleh Juice:  very parsley/tomato-esque, but another drinkable juice

Wow, day three is so much better than day two.  Am I sure I don’t want to do this longer?…I started looking at food blogs again, etc – I got that idea out of my head pretty quick!

  • Mid afternoon, Bruschetta Juice:  very good, but a tad intense (think: garlic) – was imaging eating this in solid form with some bread, yum!
  • Dinner (aka the last supper), Green Juice:  another very good juice; light and refreshing

the last supper

I definitely bought a tad too much kale and swiss chard, but the fridge is much more spacious at this point:

fridge, day three


  • For starters, I cannot believe I haven’t eaten in 72 hours, wow
  • So happy I did this (and that in like 10 hours when I wake up I get to eat something)
  • I wasn’t any hungrier than usual which surprised me
  • Juicing can get sticky…I feel legit sticky after I use my juicer; that stuff likes to splatter like woah
  • All juices are NOT created equal, but now I know what I like/don’t like and look forward to using my juicer regularly
  • Don’t look at food blogs and start pinning recipes while doing a juice diet/cleanse, it will do you no good

I plan to blog a quick follow-up tomorrow – stay tuned…


9 thoughts on “Catching Fruit & Mocking Juice (aka juice cleanse: day two & three)

  1. Bruschetta juice.. interesting 🙂 Glad you went trough a 3 day cleanse! it’s fascinating the way you feel during fasting right? It’s a great way to clean up… i don’t know if i could do it all the times…

  2. Do you have your juice recipes posted anywhere? I purchased the Breville 1 week ago and love it! Have made 3 varieties so far: mean green, beet, and carrot. I’d love to try a few of your recipes, especially the Purple Power.

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