The Hunger Games (aka juice cleanse: day one)

Where to begin?  Let’s start with last night’s trip to Whole Foods, shall we?  (Since this is a rather long blog post, I made sure to include lots of photos to keep your attention; hope it works!)

Last Night Pre-Juice Diet/Cleanse

First things first, I grabbed a cab and brought the juicer home from work.

the much talked about juicer in all its glory

Then, I was off to Whole Foods to pick up the juice supplies!

union square!

there it is…

Luckily I had compiled the list of exactly what I needed or it would have made this whole process extremely difficult.  Oh, and don’t let the picture fool you – just because it looks a tad dead by Union Square standards, once inside the store, it was a mad house.  But don’t worry, I managed to keep my cart off to the side (only kind of in the way of the millions of others) and loaded it up:

what you’re looking at is a cart full of organic goodness

It’s around this time, when I’m taking a photo of my cart for you all, that I realize I’m probably not going to be able to get this back to my apartment by myself – despite my freakish strength and all (where’s my boyfriend when I need him?) – thank goodness for home delivery.

Once everything was checked off my list, it was time to get in line.  Usually, though not always, the worst part about shopping at Whole Foods is the line…  However, I kid you not, despite how crowded it was, I waited in line like three minutes.  It was like this whole three-day juice cleanse was meant to be…

view from above-ish whilst in line

The cashier rang me up…

three-day juice items (including two vapur water bottles & home delivery): $183.66

I don’t really know if that was way more than I thought or about right, but not terrible!  And I got a free bag – behold!

my “free” bag for spending $100+

Home delivery is a four-hour window, which is really kind of a long window.  I stopped and picked up dinner on the way home, a Maoz Falafal Salad Box, and went hog-wild on the toppings.  Sooo good!  Once I got home and ate, I waited.  And waited some more…

Of course they arrived three and a half hours later, around 10pm.  At this point, I unloaded the bags, stocked the fridge and prepped the juice for today (with the exception of dinner since the fresher, the better).

leafy greens, etc

i had to post more than just one picture of this

What day one of a juice cleanse looks like in fruits & veggies form, before (at which point I couldn’t help but wonder what I was getting myself into):

whoop, there it is!

And after (59:29.9 later; yes, I timed it from when machine went on til cleanup was finished):

breakfast / mid morning / lunch / mid afternoon

Why the eclectic mix of juice containers?  Funny you should ask – I bought two cute 18 oz BPA free vapur bottles, only to realize that the juice wouldn’t fit.  I had to scrounge around the apartment for containers and recyclables for storage, again wondering what I was getting myself into with this whole juice diet/cleanse concept that initially seemed brilliant.

And let’s not forget about the messiness!  I always thought people sort of exaggerated when they complained how messy juicers are (um yeah, not so much):

post juicing “mess” – this was bag #3

Even the floor was no match:

even the floor got splattered by the juicer

It got even messier tonight, but we’ll get there momentarily…

Day One In a Nutshell

  • Breakfast, Carrot Apple Ginger Juice:  not bad, not bad at all
  • Mid morning, Mean Green Juice:  lemony, a tad tart – but still pretty good (at the time I thought this might be the worst of it, but I was mistaken)
  • Lunch, Gazpacho Juice:  tasted like watered down V8 more or less, but I made it through that one
  • Mid afternoon, Citrus Inspired Green Juice:  might have been nice if they recommended peeling the clementines; needless to say it was bitter and extremely difficult to drink.  I think I spent about 90 minutes with this one, didn’t even finish half and it made my tongue numb (yuck, I don’t even want to think about it anymore)
  • Dinner, Sunset Blend Juice:  I’m going to refer to this one as messy beet juice because that’s exactly what it was – but at least this juice was drinkable
  • Takeaways – Other than being a tad hungry around lunch time and again at dinner, I feel surprisingly normal.  And, as I sit here still sipping my messy beet juice, I can’t believe I’m actually doing/went through with this!  Note to self for next two days/whenever I juice again:  remove all zest from oranges/clementines, lemons &  limes.

Remember a minute ago when I mentioned it got even messier?  Beet juice got everywhere!

dinner pre-juiced

It started off clean enough, sure, but there was an explosion of beet juice between the before and after that I didn’t bother taking photos of (mostly because I didn’t want the beet juice to stain everything/I had had it with the picture taking) – just take my word for it.

dinner, juiced

Off to make the juice for tomorrow – might possibly be one of the last things I feel like doing.

I will definitely be enjoying some herbal tea before bed – totally allowed on this three-day plan (if you’re interested in signing up too, or just in need of some juice ideas – Reboot Your Life).

sleepy tea; let’s hope this does the trick!

Oh and, Happy Hunger Games!  And may the odds be ever in [my] favor – one day down, two to go!  Words of encouragement are welcome below.  While you’re at it, follow me already!


9 thoughts on “The Hunger Games (aka juice cleanse: day one)

  1. I have been juicing for about a week now. I add 1 cup of unsweetened green tea to my juice for those health benefits also. It’s also great with the lemon. I am starting out with just juicing once a day, getting a feel for it. I can also already see a difference in my complexion.\

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  3. I don’t know about how the best way to juice leafy greens are. But i was taught to lightly blanche the greens then using a blender a little bit of water, pulse the hell out of it, then strain with a cheesecloth. i’ve recently started juicing as well…

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