Posted in August 2012

Pumpkin Cravings – Is It Fall Yet?

Um, can you believe that I haven’t blogged in two whole weeks?  Neither can I!  I’ve been having serious withdrawal.  And there is no excuse other than being super busy with work, my sister’s wedding, moving, some weekend travel…  But let’s get back to the blogging since that’s why we’re all here. I LOVE fall.  There’s something … Continue reading

The Hunger Games (aka juice cleanse: day one)

Where to begin?  Let’s start with last night’s trip to Whole Foods, shall we?  (Since this is a rather long blog post, I made sure to include lots of photos to keep your attention; hope it works!) Last Night Pre-Juice Diet/Cleanse First things first, I grabbed a cab and brought the juicer home from work. … Continue reading

Smoothies & Such (but really just smoothies)

So I’m still on the fence, but I might be doing a three-day juice diet next week!  I recently purchased a juicer via Groupon (surprise, surprise – it arrived over two weeks ago) that I have yet to utilize.  The new juicer, coupled with watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead last week, inspired me.  Without telling you anything about the documentary, … Continue reading