Adventure with Carrot Soup & Condiments

Before I kick off on my Adventure with Carrot Soup, I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July.  My friends and I had a nice night at the Frying Pan over on Pier 66.  We had a great view of the fireworks:

happy 4th!

Now back to the blog:

I think I’m finally starting to grasp the whole Pinterest concept.  I’ve been pinning to my Recipes Board quite a bit, and am compiling a list of recipes I’d like to attempt.  One that I found today was called “Roasted Carrot Soup with Dill Pesto” from  Even though it was 90+ degrees today, I was craving soup.  Of course that was while I was in a comfortable, air-conditioned office.  Once I was on my way home and had to stop at the grocery store, it was then that I started to second guess my recipe choice.  I had already decided to nix the “Dill Pesto” portion (again with “keeping it simple”; though it sounded delicious, I didn’t want to get caught up in buying all kinds of ingredients), but I stuck with the “Roasted Carrot Soup” and added a few personal touches while I was at it…

My Grocery List

Red Pepper (personal touch)
Veggie Broth
1/2 cup Firm Tofu

Easy enough, right?  I already had the remaining ingredients at home.

Remaining Ingredients

Olive Oil
1/2 Red Onion
Dollop of 0% Chobani (personal touch)
Sriracha (personal touch)

Can you guess which item on my list I had never bought before?  Tofu!  Thank goodness the recipe specified firm, or I don’t know which I would’ve purchased (for me, the less options, the better).  I had no idea that tofu came in varying firmnesses, nor did I know that you can buy organic tofu!  [Side note: the water in the tofu container kind of grosses me out.]  After grabbing the veggies and tofu, I bought chicken broth by accident (oops!) – I guess out of habit, but it was organic!  With the veggie broth, this would be a great vegetarian/vegan option.

I know you must be curious at this point about what exactly I’m working with in terms of a kitchen, no?

where the magic happens

I began by cutting up the veggies on my kitchen table, and cutting veggies has never been my forte.  I used to cut onions and peppers very chunky/overly large, but seem to be getting better with practice.  After the carrots were peeled and diced, I realized that I don’t own a baking sheet; I improvised with a loaf pan.

the veggies – loaf pan & all

Once I browned the onions, garlic and peppers in a little olive oil, I took the carrots out of the oven and threw them in the pot with some broth.


Once they got soft enough, I busted out the blender, which I almost forgot I had, and dumped the contents from the pot into the blender.  Let’s just say that this wasn’t the easiest task, but I managed without a spill.  Sometimes I impress myself, and this was one of those moments.

the finished product!

Once I dished it out, I was ready to add the condiments*: a little salt and pepper, a dollop of Chobani and some Sriracha sauce on top…tasty!  I will definitely be making this one again.

carrot soup – condiments & all

*One of the other concepts I’ve picked up on at IIN is to “vary flavoring/condiments” – this recipe is a pretty great example because the soup is great on its own, but can be flavored so many ways depending on your preference.  Have some fun with it!  Til next time…


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