Cooking @ Home Continues…

Happy Monday!  I’ve been coming up with LOTS of great ideas for this blog, and am really excited to share them with all of you.  I figured tonight, I’d talk a little more about cooking at home – keeping it simple and “cook once, eat twice”.  I’m also going to go over some of my goals with you, and where I stand in terms of achieving those goals.

Throughout my program at IIN, I actually have my own Health Coach that I will be working with about once a month through January.  My first call was about three weeks ago, and for a 50 minute call, I must say we covered quite a bit.  Aside from going over what I had learned so far in the program, we went over my Health History (I’ll get to all those exciting details, don’t you worry!), and I set some goals for our next call.

To detour for a minute:

Question: What is a Health History?

Answer: A Health History is a free initial consultation with a Health Coach.  Potential clients fill out a form about their lifestyle and health, where they’re from, what they do, main health concerns, etc.  I, of course, am still in training, but lots of friends have offered to be my guinea pigs while I do these “practice” Health History Consultations.  It has been a phenomenal experience for me so far, and I can’t wait to actually start seeing clients.  So, having been on the other of this process, it was interesting being on the client side of things – filling out the form, talking about my life, etc…  But I gained a lot of insight, and really enjoyed it.

But let’s get back to the main purpose of tonight’s blog:


1) Try to cook more at home

2) Continue to work on Health Histories

3) Watch the Healthy Shopping and Healthy Cooking DVDs (two nice little bonuses I received with my Welcome Package)

In terms of where I’m at with these…  well, I have been cooking more at home.  After my blog Friday, I actually ate the last of the “pinto-and-rice” burgers with some homemade guacamole: avocado, sea salt, fresh tomato, red onion, cilantro and hot sauce (the hot sauce made it a funky color, but otherwise I was impressed with my concoction).

Saturday I fell off the wagon, but how is a 28-year-old girl in New York supposed to turn down brunch  with her friends?  Exactly, she doesn’t.  She enjoyed some coffee and a biscuit with jam.  She is now going to stop referring to herself in the third person.

where I fell off that wagon


Dinner was a Greek Salad with chicken.  Can’t say no to dinner out, so I just went with it.

Now, onto Sunday.  I hopped back on the wagon and did a 9:30am trip to Whole Foods.  Early, yes.  But if you’re going to hit up a Whole Foods here in the city, you best do it early.  Otherwise, it is quite possible that you get trampled by a stampede of other healthy people or wait in line so long to check out that you pass out due to exhaustion.  I wish I was exaggerating!  (It is here that I will mention I have not yet accomplished Goal #3.  I’m sure that will be an upcoming blog discussion, so stay tuned.)  One thing I will say about Whole Foods though, is that even without much knowledge of a “health food” store, they really take the guesswork out of everything.  Things are organized, labeled, it is easy to get around (early in the morning of course, sans stampede), and I think like 99.999% of that store is organic.  Who doesn’t love easy?!  I didn’t take pictures of the omelet making that ensued that morning, but I did managed to capture dinner.

I’m even becoming more environmentally conscious

stir fry: in action


So yes, stir fry was dinner: brown rice, lots of veggies and teriyaki sauce (organic of course!).  And, it is probably one of the easier at home meals to make.  I seem to be coming along with Goal #1 – yay me!  Tonight I continued the cooking spree with a little whole wheat penne/tomato/mozzarella/basil.  I will also be bringing in the leftovers for lunch to continue with the whole “cook once, eat twice” theme.

tonight’s dinner, tomorrow’s lunch

Last food picture for now.  I definitely still need to work on #2 (the more I practice, the better), and I want to cross those videos off my list, but overall I seem to be developing some pretty good habits that I hope to pass along to others!

Until next time…